Hexarmor.  Innovative range of cut, needle, puncture resistant and impact protection gloves. Anti syringe gloves for waste handlers such as the Hex 9014. 

Offshore oil and engineers gloves designed by the industry with back of hand impact protection such as the Hexarmor 4020/ 4021/ 4031 Gator series and the new Hexarmor Rig Lizard series 2021/ 2023/ 2023/ 2090.

HexArmor® products offer industry leading cut protection through the innovative use of SuperFabric® materials. Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny guard plates which provide resistance to lacerations puncture and slashes like no other material on the market. Call us for details on their full range of industry solutions.

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Hexarmor Anti-Syringe Glove SharpsMaster 11 9014 Needlestick
Hexarmor 4020X Gator Grip Glove For Oil And Gas Operators
Hexarmor 4021X Gator Grip Ggt5 Mud Grip Glove
Hexarmor 4026 Impact Hi Vis Chrome Series Glove
Needlestick Resistant Anti-Syringe Gauntlet Hercules 3041
Needle Resistant Anti-Syringe Glove Liner 6044 Pointguard
Rig Lizard Impact & Puncture Protection Glove Hexarmor 2021
Hexarmor 4036 Impact Glove Hi Vis Chrome Series
Ggt5 Artic Gator 4031 Chill By Hexarmor
Hexarmor NSR 4041
Hexarmor 4018 Maintenance Glove
Hexarmor AG8TW Arm Guard Protective Sleeve
Hexarmor AG10009S Arm Guard Protective Sleeve
Hexarmor As019S Cut Resistant Shoulder Length Sleeve
Hexarmor 4013 Extrication Glove  EXT Rescue
Thornarmor 3092 Needle And Thorn Resistant Gloves
Rig Lizard Impact & Cut Resistant Glove Hexarmor 2025
Penta Armor 1010 Sleeve Breathable By Hexarmor
Hexarmor Protective Apron Ap229 Single Layer
Hexarmor AP361 Apron & Upper Leg Protector
Hexarmor AP322  Apron Double Layer 24 X 30 Inch