Flood Protection

Flood Defence, Prevention, Protection and Clear up Equipment. Sandbags
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Marine Drysuit - Heavy Duty Nylon Version
Floodsax Pack Of 5 X 22l Capacity Sand less Sandbags
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Door Flood Protection Pack 4 X Sacks - 1 X Sausage
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Air Brick Flood Patch Kit
Toilet Flood Overflow Stopper
Chest Safety Wader Vital VW165 Thames
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Thigh Safety Wader Vital VW164 Avon
Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
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Blue Nitrile  Powder Free Disposable Glove
Sandbag  Polypropylene 34 X 75cm Approx.  (Empty)
Hessian Sand Bag 13 X 30 Inch Approx.
Gobagger Sand Bag Filling Tool - Sandbag Scoop
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No Entry Cone Mounted Sign
Water Depth Gauge Board - Water Level Marker Sign
Galvanised Mop Bucket
Mop Head

Mop Head

ex vat
Metal-Rubber Squeegee 18 Inch Blade

Flood defence products to either protect your premises against the risk of Flash Floods which have become all too common or to help you clean up the mess left by floodwater.