Cut and needle resistant gloves

Cut and Needle resistant gloves from Polyco, Hexarmor, Matrix etc. Made from technical fibres such as Kevlar, Dyneema and Superfabric. For guidance on the latest EN 388 standards - Click here

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Hexarmor Anti-Syringe Glove SharpsMaster 11 9014 Needlestick
Cut 5 Glove Matrix GH315 - EN388 Cut Level 5
Matrix 933 Fingerless Glove - Large
Polyco Grip It Oil C5 Waterproof Cut 5 Glove
Dyflex Plus N Cut Level 5 Gloves
Hexarmor AG8TW Arm Guard Protective Sleeve
Hexarmor AG10009S Arm Guard Protective Sleeve
Hexarmor As019S Cut Resistant Shoulder Length Sleeve
Hexarmor 4011 Extrication Glove  EXT Rescue
Hexarmor 4014 Waterproof Extrication Glove  EXT Rescue
Rig Lizard Impact & Cut Resistant Glove Hexarmor 2025
Hexarmor NSR 4041
Polyco Kevlar Reflex K Plus Glove
Kevlar Sleeve 18 Inch Polyco Touch Stone - Pair
Needle Resistant Anti-Syringe Glove Liner 6044 Pointguard
Hexarmor 7082 Needle Resistant Anti-Syringe Gloves
Needlestick Resistant Anti-Syringe Gauntlet Hercules 3041
Hexarmor 5039 Razor Wire Glove Cut & Puncture Resistant
Rig Lizard Impact & Puncture Protection Glove Hexarmor 2021
Rig Lizard Artic Thermal Impact Glove Hexarmor 2023
Hexarmor 4021X Gator Grip Ggt5 Mud Grip Glove
Hexarmor 4020X Gator Grip Glove For Oil And Gas Operators
Ggt5 Artic Gator 4031 Chill By Hexarmor
Hexarmor 4026 Impact Hi Vis Chrome Series Glove
Hexarmor 4036 Impact Glove Hi Vis Chrome Series
Hexarmor 4018 Maintenance Glove
Chainsaw Gloves - Arbortec Th040 Safety Gloves
Thin Lizzie Impact & Cut Resistant Glove Hexarmor 2090
Hexarmor 4012 Extrication Glove  EXT Rescue