Floodfence Flood Barrier - Divertor

Floodfence Flood Barrier. Excellent for water diversion. Free CAD design and quotation service.

Part Number: 001070

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FloodFence™ is a lightweight and quick to deploy water diversionary system. The system can be connected and deployed rapidly by one person. It doesn’t require any ballast.
The system is self-balancing. The moving water flow applies a strong downward pressure onto the FloodFence units. This keeps them fixed in place, as well as applying pressure to the sealing gaskets. 
Free CAD design and quotation service. Please contact us with your specific requirements at [email protected] or call 0113 2461550

  • Dimensions of FloodFence unit: 0.45m high x 1.0m x 0.58m.
  • Connected effective length is 0.91m
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight of each FloodFence unit: Approx 4kg
  • Speed of Deployment: approx. 200-metres per hour
  • Storage: System stacks neatly. In storage can fit approx. 38-40 units to a pallet.
  • Corner units and wall connectors (gable ends) available


  • Quick and easy to deploy – just connect up the units
  • Minimal Storage. Units stack neatly, you can fit many to a single pallet.
  • System uses the force of the flowing water to remain in place
  • Durable - manufactured from ABS plastic
  • Easy to connect up the FloodFence™ units to each other
  • Each unit incorporates hard wearing gaskets for sealing
  • Flash flood water diversion for businesses and households
  • Partially block off a weir crest for works
  • Water diversion & deflection for drainage and burst water pipes
  • Chemical spill diversion
  • Temporary pool - bund. Can be used to form a pool around an EV vehicle to prevent thermal runaway. Contact us for a CAD design drawing.

Part Number: 001070

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