Industrial Lifejackets & Spares

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Ultra 170 Auto Lifejacket by Secumar
Foldable Foam Lifejacket
Secumar Window Alpha BS275 Lifejacket
Secumar Golf 150 Newton Lifejacket
Golf 275 AS 275 Newton CO2 Lifejacket
Golf 275 HV 275 Newton CO2 Lifejacket
Secumar Bravo 100 Newton Fixed Buoyancy Lifejacket
Secumar 56g Manual CO2 Cylinder
Secumar 32g CO2 Re-Arm Kit Manual
Secumar 32g CO2 Dock Re-Arm Kit Auto
Secumar 22g CO2 Cylinder
Secumar 60g CO2 Dock Re-Arm Kit Auto
Aspli 33g CO2 Cylinder
Aspli 38g CO2 Cylinder
United Moulders MK5 Capsule Black
United Moulders Green Clip - Large
United Moulders Green Clip - Small
Lifejacket Crotch Strap

Commercial/ Industrial lifejackets from Aspli and Secumar. Approved to CE and Solas regulations.