Secumar Bravo 100 Newton Fixed Buoyancy Lifejacket

Secumar Lifejacket Buoyancy Aid German

Part Number: 000495

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Secumar Bravo 100 Newton fixed buoyancy Buoyancy Aid with flotation collar and leg straps.

Made in Germany by the Worlds leading Manufacturer. The combination of special multi-layerd laminate foam and an ever improving cut is the secret of the success of the SECUMAR Bravo. With a buoyancy of 100 Newton thea are suitable for all kinds waters except Offshore. They are simple to use and do not need servicing. Thigh straps and a signal whistle are included as standard.

Sizing: Weight > Buoyancy 

70 to 120kg recommended wear 100Newton 

Popular product. This Lifejacket is soft, pliable and easy to wear over long periods. Fixed buoyancy. The buoyancy is built in! Always available.

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Approvals: EN 395/ CE/ IMO SOLAS/ ISO 12402-4

Part Number: 000495


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