Offshore Windfarm Lifejacket Secumar Alpha SOLAS 275 AS TWZ

Secumar window 275 lifejacket Germanys best.

Part Number: 000113

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Secumar Alpha 275 AS SOLAS Safety harness compatable lifejacket. 

SOLAS approved inflatable Lifejacket specially designed to be combined with a Safety Harness*. For Industrial applications, e.g servicing of 'Wind' Power turbines, over the side work on Oil Rigs, Bridge construction etc.

  • Patented Buoyancy Chamber design
  • Tunnels on rear of cover to fit around webbing of fall arrest harness 
  • Special backstrap to prevent fouling of 'D' ring attachment point
  • Pocket for Personal Locator Beacon - various versions available
  • SECUMAR patented inflation system 4001S
  • Weight approx. 2.3kg
  • manufactured under quality system DIN ISO 9001
  • SECUMAR Window design easy direct check on the inflation device
  • Twin buoyancy Chamber design
  • See 'Data Sheet for full specification
* Check compatabilty with your brand of harness.

Call: 0113 2461 550 or email: [email protected] for advice on this product. 

Approvals: SOLAS 74 MSC.2071981/ DIN EN ISO 12402-2-6

Part Number: 000113


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