Boxwall Flood Barrier System

09 Jul 2022

Boxwall Flood Barrier System

We are now offering the excellent Boxwall Flood Barrier system to complement our range of flood prevention products. It is very versatile and can be used to hold back water or divert flash floods. The straight sections can be set at 3 degrees to make a gentle curve or there are optional 30 degree curved sections thus 3 make a 90 degree bend.

Floodwall Boxwalls are freestanding, reusable flood barriers designed for fast response to flood threats. Ideal for closing off roads, streets, paths, carparks, river and canal banks and for protecting industrial, domestic and commercial properties to the threat of flooding. Flood Boxwalls are suitable for deployment on any flat hard even surface including tarmac, asphalt, paving and concrete to control and divert flood water.

The three versions:




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