Boxwall Flood Barrier Wall Outward Section

Boxwall Flood Barrier Wall - Outward 30 degree Curved Section

Part Number: 001042

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Flood Boxwalls are freestanding, reusable flood barriers designed for a fast response to flood threats. Ideal for closing off roads, streets, pathways, carparks, river and canal banks, industrial and commercial properties to the threat of flooding as well as the control and diversion of flood water. Flood Boxwalls are suitable for deployment on any flat hard even surface including tarmac, asphalt, paving and concrete.

External & Internal sections are both 530mm high and set at a 30°angle, 3 x sections required to form a 90° bend


  • Lightweight, fast and easy to deploy in an emergency
  • Freestanding modular components slot together no need for external fastenings or tools
  • Stable to withstand a severe flood, system is anchored by the weight of flood water
  • Designed to suit all build requirements with curves and corners
  • Extendable to an unlimited length
  • Easy to stack, store and transport
  • Reusable over many flood threats, up to 20 years


  • 53cm high x 65/34 cm wide x 68cm deep
  • Damming ability 50cm
  • Weight 6.2kg approx
  • Speed of deployment Ca 200m per hour
  • Material polypropylene
  • Temperature resistance -30° - +90°

Part Number: 001042

NOAQ Flood Protection AB

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