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Rubber Knee Pads
Waterproof Jacket - Cotswold Lightweight Rain Jacket
Economy Disposable Coverall
Ribbed Sweater V-Neck  Black Or Navy Nato Style
High Visibility Yellow Waist Coat Class 2
Gel Knee Pad Poly Ridged
Nato Style Crew Neck Sweater: Pullover
Hi - Vis Orange Jogging Bottoms  - Hi Vis RIS-3279-TOM  Joggers
Redhawk Trouser By Dickies. Cargo Style With Kneepad Pockets.
Dickies Redhawk Knee Pads
Redhawk Pro-Trouser By Dickies
Fruit Of The Loom Screen Stars T Shirt
Fruit Of The Loom Classic Raglan Sweat Shirt
Fruit Of The Loom Screen Stars Polo Shirt
Jerzee Raglan Sleeved Sweat Shirt
Jerzee Polo Shirt
Snickers 3213 Craftsmen Holster Pocket Rip-Stop Trousers
Snickers 3023 Craftsmen Holster Pocket Rip-Stop Shorts
Snickers 9191 XTR D30 Kneepad
Wearwell Warehouse : Laboratory Coat White
Wearwell Warehouse Coat Navy
'Hoodie' - High Visibility Sweat Shirt With Hood
High Visibility Polo Shirt
Evolution Evo252 And Evo102 Arctic Hoods
Rodo Painters Bib And Brace
Ralawise Zip-Up Fleece
High-Vis Sweat Shirt
Catering Tabard Blue - Cleaning - Healthcare Sectors
Fasana Catering Napkins Coloured Pack Of 250
Redback Knee Pad
Chemmaster Chemical Protection Suit
High Visibility Orange Waist Coat Class 2
Waterproof Trouser - Cotswold
High Visibility Jacket - Anorak Class 3 Yellow
Redhawk Boiler Suit By Dickies
Mascot 'Montana' Trouser
Snickers 3312 Trade Trousers With Kneepad Pockets
10% Off
Tyvek Classic Xpert CHF5 Disposable Coverall
Wearwell Engineers, Drivers Jacket
High-Vis Bomber Jacket Class 3 Saturn Yellow
Hi - Vis Orange  Network Rail Trousers - RIS-3279-TOM  Regular Leg
Ilfracombe Navy Reflective Cargo Trouser - Reg
High Visibility Waist Coat Sleeved Class 3
Type 5 & 6 Disposable Coverall - Chemsplash Suit
Mascot 'Kiruna' Thermal Vest
Snickers 3212 Trade Trousers With Kneepad Pocket.
10% Off
Vital Hard Wearing Insulated Boot Sock
Wearwell Food Trade Coat
High Visibility Orange Anorak Class 3
High Visibility Bomber Jacket Class 3 Orange
Hi - Vis Orange Trousers Network Rail RIS-3279-TOM  Tall Leg
Hi - Vis Orange Trousers Railtrack - RIS-3279-TOM  Short Leg
Food Trade Trilby Hat White
Hi Vis  Sleeved  Waist Coat Orange Class 3
Mascot 'Orlando' Trousers
Mascot 'Kalix' Thermal Vest
Snickers Heavy Weight Knee Pad
High Visibility Two Tone Jacket Class 3
High Visibility Orange Traffic Jacket Two Tone Orange/Navy
Waterproof Jacket
Economy Boiler Suit - Overall - Coverall
High Visibility Quilt Lined Breathable Bomber Jacket Class 3
Hi-Vis  Waterproof Coverall Network Rail RIS-3279-TOM
Women's Hi - Vis Orange Trousers Railtrack - RIS-3279-TOM
Chemsol Chemical Protection Jacket
Hi Vis Yellow T Shirt Class 2
High Visibility Fleece
Mascot 'Orlando' Trousers
Mascot 'Alta' Thermal Pants
Snickers Floor Layers Knee Pads
Wearwell Boiler Suit Regular Leg
Waterproof Trouser
High-Vis Yellow Polycotton Teflon Coated Trousers Reg
Hi Vis Waist Coat With Multi - Pockets For Phone, Pen, Id
Pink Hi Vis Waistcoat - Vest
Snickers Logo Belt 9033
High Visibility Body Warmer - Hi Vis Gilet
Waterproof Coverall
Hi - Vis Orange Chainsaw Trousers Network Rail - RIS-3279-TOM
Chemsol Chemical Protection Trouser
Balaclava Thinsulate Lined
Quilted Managers Jacket With High Visibility Reflective
Bodywarmer - Combat Style From Dickies
Snickers 9025 Ergonomic Elastic Belt
10% Off
Tyvek Disposable White Over boot
Wearwell Boiler Suit Tall Leg
Waterproof Jacket PU
Flame Retardant Hi Vis  Waistcoat Yellow
Thinsulate Hat Lined
Tyvek Overshoes - Shoe Covers Pack Of 10
Wearwell Working Trouser
Waterproof Trouser PU
High Visibility Sleeved Body Warmer
High Visibility Softshell Orange By Pulsar
Long Sleeved Thermal Vest
Chemical Spills Wall Chart
Tyvek Protech Disposable Apron
Hydron Boilersuit Cotton Regular Leg
High Visibility Unlined Breathable Storm Coat Class 3
Disposable Overshoes (50 Pairs)
Short Sleeved Thermal Vest
Snickers Hammer Holder - Metal
Hazmat Suit Tychem C Biohazard & Chemical Protection
Hi Vis Softshell Yellow By Pulsar
High Visibility Unlined Breathable Bomber Jacket Class 3
Rubber Apron
White Pork Pie Hat
Thermal Long Johns Blue
Hydron Boilersuit Tall Leg
High Visibility Two Tone Orange/ Navy Traffic Belfry Trouser
High Visibility Unlined Breathable Storm Coat Class 3
Hi Vis Orange Waterproof Breathable RIS-3279-TOM  Trousers
PVC Apron

PVC Apron

ex vat
Hi - Vis Orange Breathable Waterproof  Over Trousers Class 3
Mascot 'Grant' Knee Pads
Mascot 'Montana' Trouser
Polyco Bodyguards Vinyl Clear Disposable Glove
Waterproof Breathable Hi Vis Orange Bib  & Brace RIS-3279-TOM
Evolution Evo250 Waterproof Storm Coat Class 3
Heavy Duty Bib And Brace Oilskin Trouser
Commando Boot Sock XL
Commando Boot Sock
Classic Soft Shell Jacket 3 Layer Jacket
PVC Economy Blue Apron
Padded Soft Shell Jacket
Polychem P45 Heavyweight PVC Gauntlet
Proban Boilersuit Flame Retardant Regular Leg
Boilersuit Flame Retardant Regular Leg
High Visibility Sleeved Body Warmer Class 2
Evolution Evo100 Waterproof Storm Coat Class 3
Evo101 Evolution Breathable Over Trouser
Oilskin Smock Heavy Duty
Polychem P46 Heavyweight PVC Gauntlet
Proban Boilersuit Flame Retardant Tall Leg
High Visibility Orange Polo Shirt Short Sleeved
White Pork Pie Hat With Snood
Hi-Vis Orange Flame Retardant Boiler Suit Network Rail RIS-3279-TOM
High Visibility Orange Polo Shirt Long Sleeved
High Visibility Yellow Class 3 Waterproof Breathable Trousers
High Visibility Orange Boilersuit
Polyco Finesse Powdered Disposable Vinyl Glove
Hi - Vis Belfry Waterproof Trouser Saturn Yellow/ Blue
High Visibility Tear Apart Waist Coat Class 2 EN510
Hi Vis Yellow Waterproof Trouser - Breathable
Mascot Ronda Kneepad Trouser
Blue Nitrile  Powder Free Disposable Glove
High Visibility Lined Waterproof Classic 7 In 1 Coat Class 3
Work Shorts By Black Rock
Redhawk Pro Work Shorts
Polyco Bodyguards Latex Disposable Glove
Evo251 Evolution Breathable Over Trouser
Finite Nitrile Disposable Powder Free Glove
Carters Shocksafe Insulated 7lb Pick
Carters Insulated Rail Keying Hammer
Hoodie -  Sweat Shirt With Hood
U Power Mate Jacket
JSP Thermal Safety  Helmet Beanie Black
High Visibility Yellow Polo Shirt Long Sleeved
Pulsar P600 Belt
Flame Retardant Anti-Arc High Visibility Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
Flame Retardant Anti-Arc High Visibility Orange Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
High-Vis Rail Spec AST-ARC Flame retardant Sweat Shirt
Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Hi - Vis Orange Combat Trouser
Hi-Vis Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Coverall PRARC05
Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Long Sleeved Top XARC01 Base Layer
Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Bottoms - XARC03  Base Layer Leggings
High Vis Flame Retardant AST ARC Storm Coat
Hi Vis Flame Retardant AST ARC Overtrouser Salopette
Hi Vis Orange T Shirt Class 2
Hi Vis Orange Ashford Class 2 Comfort Vest
Hi Vis Yellow Ashford Class 2 Comfort Vest
High Visibility Waterproof Storm Coat Class 3

We stock high quality safety clothing which includes Hi-vis clothing, Disposable clothing and protective clothing. From T-shirts to chemical suits, we stock many leading brands such as Snickers Workwear, Mascot, Dickies, Alpha Solway, Wearwell, Tyvek etc.