Hand Disinfectant - Cleaners

Hand disinfectants and sanitizers. Antibacterial and anti viral. Brands include Ecolab, Spirigel Complete, Skinsan and Certex. 

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200ml 80% Alcohol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 24
85% Alcohol Hand Gel - 500ml Pack of 8
Alcohol Hand Gel 200ml - Pack of 12
Galvanised Cleaning Station
5 Litre Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Gel - 70% Alcohol
200ml 80% Alcohol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 4
10ml Fluid - Gel Dosing Pump
Nexa Dispenser Key Set
Katrin Industrial Floor Dispenser
Swarfega Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Skinman Foam 750ml Sanitizer Box 6
Wall Bracket for InSpec 500ml Hand Gel
Swarfega Hd Hand Cleaner Cartridge
Swarfega Cartridge Dispenser
Rozalex Barrier Cream 'Dri-Guard'
Silonda Moisturiser 500ml
Plastic Nail Brush