Spirigel Complete Virucidal Hand Gel 750ml Refill

Spirigel Complete Fully Virucidal Alcohol Hand Gel offers effective hand decontamination. Spirigel is an approved supplier to the National purchasing and Supplies Agency.

Part Number: 023155

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Spirigel Complete 750ml 85% Fully virucidal and bactericidal Alcohol hand sanitizer gel refill for use with new Nexa Dispensers 023160/ 023161 shown. 

Spirigel complete is fully virucidal providing an extra level of protection around the hospital or work place. Spirigel complete is shown to be active against many viruses, yeasts and bacteria making it ideal for virus outbreaks and pandemics. Effective against virsuses according to EN14476, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), Norovirus. Kind on skin as contains Aloe vera and Panthenol. 

Ecolab Product Code: 3083080

We also stock Spirigel Complete in 60ml personal bottles see 023127 and 023128 500ml Pump dispenser bottles


Approvals: EN 1500 /EN 12791/EN 14476/EN 13727/ EN 13624 / EN 14348

Part Number: 023155

Spirigel Plus Ecolab

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Is there any risk of any a positive result from a drug and alcohol test of frequent use of this product?:

There is no indication that even with excessive use, alcohol based hand rubs will allow for dermal absorption, increasing alcohol levels in the bloodstream.

Use of ABHR by members of the Muslim faith:

Muslims in the UK should not be concerned about using alcohol based sanitisers on their skin because: 1. any alcohol sold for use on the skin is rendered undrinkable, by law. 2. The issue of alcohol in the Muslim faith relates to the drinking of alcohol, and not its use in other ways, such as the disinfection of skin. 3. Muslims are permitted to use alcohol based sanitisers for alleviating illness or improving health. 4. The Muslim Food Board (UK) has confirmed that the use of alcohol based sanitisers is permitted by their scholars. 5. For further reassurance, there is evidence to show that when using a sanitiser the amount of alcohol absorbed through the skin is negligible.

The below is taken from WHO Hand Hygiene Guidelines 2009:

Some Muslim Healthcare workers may feel ambivalent about using alcohol-based hand rub formulations. However, any substance that man can manufacture or develop in order to alleviate illness or contribute to better health is permitted by the Qur’an and this includes alcohol used as a medical agent.


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