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Pandemic protection, Ideal for protection against Ebola, MERS CoV Coronavirus (COVID19), Bird or Swine Flu. Spirigel Complete Fully Anti-viral - anti-bacterial hand hygiene, two way* respiratory protection. We can package customised pandemic kits to suit your requirements and protect your key personnel as part of you pandemic plan. We recently supplied a major pharmaceutical company involved in the making of vaccines ensuring their staff were protected.    *Protects the wearer as well as prevents germs being exhaled by an infected person.

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Type 11R Disposable 3ply Face Mask - Pack of 50
85% Alcohol Hand Gel - 500ml Pack of 8
200ml 80% Alcohol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 24
200ml 80% Alcohol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 4
5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Gel - 70% Alcohol
10ml Fluid - Gel Dosing Pump
Pro2 Breathing Oxygen Canister - 35 Litres
Alcohol Hand Gel 200ml - Pack of 12
Face Mask Case - Keeper
AirGill Reusable Face Mask - ViralOff Technology
Chlorine Sanitising Tablets - Tub of 200
Knapsack Disinfectant Sprayer
Cough & Sneeze Protective Screens - 3 sizes
Staff Virus Protection Screens

Staff Virus Protection Screens

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ex vat
Workstation Dividers - Staff Virus Partition
Washable Knitted Antimicrobial Gloves
Protective Face Visor On Spec Frame
Protective Face Shield Visor
Protective Face Shield - Lavoro Visor
Helmet Mounted Cough Guard
EVOGuard C2 Visor - Full Face
EVOGuard BrowGuard
Splash Guard for Force 8 Halfmask
Morf Face Covering - Snood
Galvanised Cleaning Station
5 Litre Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Gloves
Tyvek Disposable Apron - Pack of 25
Coronavirus - Visitor self-screening Safety Sign
Use Hand Sanitiser Sign
Social Distancing Floor Graphic
Social Distancing - Avoid Contact Sign
2 Metres Social Distancing - Avoid Contact Sign
Coronavirus Social Distancing - Floor Marking Strips
2 Metres Social Distancing - 33 metre length tape roll
Exit Only Building Sign - Vinyl
Skinman Foam 750ml Sanitizer Box 6
Travel Safe Virus Protection Kit
Nexa Dispenser Lock And Key Set
Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
Tyvek Protech Disposable Cape Hood Pack 25
Tyvek Disposable White Over Boot - Pack 10
Tyvek Classic Xpert CHF5 Disposable Coverall
Type 5 & 6 Disposable Coverall PS2
Tyvek 500 Lab coat PL309 - Small
Blue Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves - Pack 100
Polythene Disposable Apron Box 600
PVC Economy Blue Apron
Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer
Counter Top Infrared Thermometer
Floor Standing Infrared Thermometer
Pack of 10 Pocket Tissues
2 Metres Apart Hi-Viz Vest
Antiviral Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes
Blue Nitrile Gloves Disposable - Pack of 100