Indirect Vent Goggle With Anti-Mist Coating

Indirect Vent Goggle Anti Mist CDM Grade 1.

Part Number: 018001

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Indirect Vent Goggle Anti Mist CDM Grade 1.
  • Performance: Polycarbonate lens and body offer protection against medium energy high-speed particles at 120 m/s (270 mph). 
  • Description: A compact and lightweight Goggle with a Clear Polycarbonate Lens, Indirect ventilation through the Frame. Used to protect against various dangers liable to damage the Eye or alter vision. Weight 16.00 grams. Tough Polycarbonate lens offers high resistance to impact from flying particles. Vented body, cost effective, PVC frame. The Optical qualities of the Lense complies with the requirements of Optical Class EN 166.1.B.3.4
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Approvals: EN166-1B

Part Number: 018001

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