Washable Knitted Antimicrobial Gloves

A pair of reusable antimicrobial gloves treated with Sanitized T-99 antimicrobial solution.

Part Number: 025469

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Washable/Reusable Knitted Antimicrobial Gloves - with T99 Swiss technology from Sanitized®

These gloves are produced by a UK medical knitwear company which specialises in anti-microbial medical clothing. They supply the NHS with garments.

Our seamless gloves provide the same medically approved antimicrobial protection as our masks, while offering comfort, moisture wicking and excellent temperature regulation.

Sanitized T-99 Treatment:

Sanitized T-99 is an antimicrobial solution which is widely used by the NHS and kills 99% of all bacteria and the treatment has been tested and proven to kill the Coronavirus family of viruses.

The masks fabric treatment 'Sanitized T 99-19' is a particle free technology to prevent particle getting free and being inhaled. It is also manufactured by using scientifically well-tested substances and is free from substances such as pentachlorophenol, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde and organotin. The product is according with the guidelines of the British Allergy Foundation and carries the “Allergy UK Seal of Approval”.

Fabric treated with Sanitized-T99 showed an overall 98.59% reduction of when tested against Feline coronavirus with a 2-hour contact time. 

  • Ideal to protect you on public transport planes etc.
  • Seamless - making them comfortable to wear for longer periods.
  • Stretchy material - one size fits all
  • Reusable, machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried.
  • Fluid repellent finish - allowing the glove fabric to stay dryer for longer improves wearer comfort.
  • Treated with SAN 'Sanitized T-99' anti-microbial solution which is widely used by the NHS and kills 99% of all bacteria.
  • Swiss technology is proven to be effective for up to 30 washes!
  • Fabric treatment recently verified as effective against COVID-19
  • 86% viscose, 11% nylon and 3% elastane and is extra durable.
  • Grey colour

Part Number: 025469

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