Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher 9L

9 Litre Water Extinguisher designed for Lithium Ion Battery Fires With Cooling Effect. Approved to DIN EN3 and independently tested.

Part Number: 019156

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    Gloria 9 Litre Water Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher.

Portable cartridge operated water fire extinguisher with cool down effect. Imprex C additive has very good ecological friendly characteristics, approved according to DIN EN 3 for class A fires. Due to the proven independently tested suitability for burning lithium-ion batteries, (see video) the extinguisher (WKL 9 Pro) can be used on batteries up to 1285Wh*  or with pouches up to 700W. Ideal for extiguishing laptops, e-bikes, e-scooter, cordless, power tools, etc. For 6L Pro see 019155

Product features

  • 27A fire rating - Counts towards your standard cover for Class A fires. Kitemarked
  • Water fire extinguisher with cool-down effect suitable for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Long 80 second discharge time.
  • Laser-welded cylinder with durable inner coating
  • Black anodised metal locking collar
  • Perfect handling due to rotatable and extra-long LABS-free quality hose assembly with fabric insert made of synthetic rubber material.
  • Rotatable and controllable extinguishing pistol with pre-mounted extinguishing lance with 5-hole spray nozzle
  • Extinguishing agent concentrate is fluorine-free, without environmentally harmful PFOS or PFOA
  • Colour coded to local specifications indicating water
  • Special suitability for lithium-ion batteries up to 1285Wh* and pouches up to 700Wh.
    *The suitability test was carried out by the Dutch institute KIWA on batteries with type 18650 cells and on pouches (see video)


  • Users of products with lithium-ion batteries up to 1285Wh* or of pouches up to 700 Wh (laptops, e-bikes, e-scooter, cordless, screwdrivers, power tools etc.)
  • Hotels, especially bicycle hotels
  • Computer/ electronic stores (including storage areas)
  • Tool departments in retail companies
  • File storages/archives/paper and packaging stores
  • Offices
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Waste management companies
  • Councils
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Student accommodation 
  • Administrative and manufacturing areas
  • Private households

Approvals: BS EN3 - Independently tested for Lithium

Part Number: 019156


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Lithium-ion batteries are now used in a large number of operational work equipment as well as in smartphones, but at the same time involve explosion and fire risks. Triggers can include increased operating temperatures, direct heat radiation or even a defective cooling circuit.

Only suitable fire extinguishers containing extinguishing agents with a high cooling effect may be used for fire fighting. Professional associations such as the DGUV and the bvfa recommend water as extinguishing agent, if necessary with additives. Other extinguishing agents, such as ABC or BC powder, metal fire powder or carbon dioxide (CO2) must not be used! The warning and safety instructions on the corresponding extinguishing equipment must also be observed.
Since lithium batteries can re-ignite even after a longer period of time, they must be stored safely in water basins or other suitable containers after extinguishing. This container must be stored outside the building and away from other fire risks until it can be disposed of properly.

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