CO2 Air Quality Monitoring System for Workplace

Internal Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring System. Measures air quality using the concentration of CO2 in the air. Also measures temperature and humidity.

Part Number: 020250

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Internal Air Quality Monitoring System - IAQ Monitor for the Workplace and Healthcare Sector

The welfare and safety of employees should be an organisations’ number one priority when preparing for a return to the workplace. Recent research indicates that monitoring and controlling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is central to reducing the risk of transmission. Whilst we cannot (yet) monitor the presence of COVID19 in the air, we can monitor a number of factors which affect the risk of viral transmission: Carbon Dioxide (Co2) humidity, temperature, VOC's and Particulates.

Area of use:

Workplace: ZiggyTec's Smart indoor air quality sensors and monitoring platform monitors your buildings air quality and send alerts when your air quality reaches unsafe levels. Employee welfare is now more essential than ever to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workplace for tenants, employees and students.

Healthcare sector: Maintaining a safe environment in doctors or dentists surgeries, hospital rooms - wards, or other healthcare facilities ensures the highest level of safety and comfort for patients and staff

Hospitality venues:  This Indoor Air Quality IAQ monitoring solution gives your guests peace of mind that the air in your hotel, restaurant, bar or your social gathering event is being monitored continuously. Show your guests that you take their happiness and wellbeing very seriously by displaying the readings on a display monitor in reception.


ZiggyAir is our live Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring and Alerting System which is a highly scalable solution which can be used in 1 building or 100 buildings worldwide. ZiggyAir simplifies air quality monitoring and alerting and provides the tools to establish safer indoor spaces. Monitor and record your indoor air quality 24/7, and alert you when things aren’t right. The system constantly analyses the data and classifies the result as being good, moderate or poor. We push alerts to your mobile devices, kiosks or display monitors. You can set alerts levels on the Ziggy Portal and when they are exceeded it will push a notification out to your phone via SMS or email. This gives occupants and managers instant access to the data that matters. It will identify problem areas/ period in a building e.g. a high CO2 level may be recorded because too many people are in a particular room at that given time. The dashboard can be customized by each user allowing an overview of your ecosystem within seconds.

ZiggyAir uses calibrated and certified wireless sensors for all its IAQ measurements. Our sensors use solidstate non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption and laser scattering technology to accurately and reliably measure the IAQ. They also measure temperature and humidity. For HSE Guidance click here

All our monitoring devices are battery powered and have a battery life ranging from 5 to 7 years. We continuously monitor battery levels and long before they run out, we will dispatch an engineer to your premise to replace the batteries. This is done at our cost and is all part of the service. Being battery operated installation of the devices is easy and means that we don’t tie up your valuable plug sockets or have cables trailing around your building. 

In order to get an accurate reading, it is important that the sensors are placed away from doors, windows and ventilation ports. Being battery operated and wireless we can find the most accurate location for the sensor in the room.

Customers data is stored on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). S3 is designed for 99.5% of data durability because it automatically creates and stores copies  across multiple systems. All data “in transit” and “in storage” is encrypted using a combination of https and SSE-KMS. This means data is always backed up, secure, available when needed and protected against failures, errors, and threats. We use an IoT network provider to get the data from our devices straight into the cloud bypassing all local IT infrastructure. This is a key security advantage of our technology; we don’t tap into your WiFi or Internet which is essential for financial insitutions or other companies that store sensitive data. You also don’t need to get IT involved in the process.

The ZiggyPortal is a web application that collects and organises data from all the devices and displays it clearly in a single dashboard. This enables customers to review and action their real-time data. The data can be easily downloaded in excel format or imported into your enterprise systems using ZiggyAPI. The data can be used as part of ESG compliance reporting for WELL, GRESB, BREEM and LEED. This data could also be invaluable in cases of litigation. All this is included as part of the standard service.

Should you wish to integrate with your own systems the ZiggyAPI is a secure HTTPs Restful API which allows you to safely download all your historic data as often as you choose at no extra cost.

Ensuring that the air in the building is continuously replaced with fresh clean air is crucial to diluting viral loads (including COVID19) in the air. Carbon Dioxide concentration is a very accurate measurement of how much fresh air is circulating in a building. Outside, in the fresh air, the level of CO2 is 400ppm (parts per million). People breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, so in indoor occupied spaces, the level of CO2 will naturally rise. With good indoor ventilation, the level of CO2 should stay less than 800ppm. If the readings go higher than 800ppm then there isn’t enough ventilation in your premises.


  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 26mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Battery: 3xAA 3c6V
  • Battery life: 5 years min.
  • Measurement interval: Every 30 mins (configurable)
  • CO2 Sensor: GSS CozIR LP/Sensirion SHT30
  • Effective Range: 0~5000 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±4%
  • Measurement Principle: solid-state non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption

NOTE: Initial system has minimum of 10 sensors and includes the software. portal, installation and setup in Mainland UK. Minimum contract is 2 years. 

Additional sensors available see 020251, Optional sensors are PM (Particulate) and (VOC) Volatile Organic Compounds. All also measure Temp and Humidity.

To order please call 0113 2461550 or email [email protected]

Part Number: 020250

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