Procell Duracell Industrial D10 Alkaline Batteries 1.5V (Pack Of 10)

Duracell Industrial Alkaline Batteries D10 Batteries 10 per pack

Part Number: 033017

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Procell Duracell D10 Industrial Alkaline Batteries - 10 per pack
  • High performance power: Designed and packaged for professionals. Dependable long lasting high power Batteries at an attractive price.' Industrial Duracell Batteries' were previously known as 'Duracell Procell Batteries'.  Store them for up to 7 years
  • Performance: Capable of operating at temperatures from -20° to 54°C. Less likely to self-discharge provides reliable performance even after 7 years storage.
  • Size D: Also known as LR20One of the chief advantages of these Alkaline 1.5V Batteries is an energy density that allows them to provide power for up to 10 times longer than conventional Alkaline cells.
  • Applications: Reliable, high-performance batteries for long-lasting power over a large range of applications and other devices that need long-lasting 1.5V power.

Approvals: ISO 90000 IEC 60086

Part Number: 033017

Procell Industrial - Professional Batteries

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