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Telescopic - Extending Pole Handle For Buoy Grab
Water Depth Gauge Board - Water Level Marker Sign
Rescue Pole Kit Telescopic Complete With Attachments
Telescopic Rescue Pole - Extending Reach Pole
Float For Telescopic Rescue Pole
Crook For Telescopic Rescue Pole
Body Hook For Telescopic Rescue Pole
Air Horn Station Sign With Bracket
2.4m Aluminium Pole For Rescue Hook
3.6m Aluminium Pole For Rescue Hook
Body Hook For Aluminium Rescue Poles
Fladen Flotation Suit Rescue System One Piece
Throw Line - Rescue Throw Bag 20 Metre
Marine Drysuit - Heavy Duty Nylon Version
Secumar Bravo 100 Newton Fixed Buoyancy Lifejacket
Throw Line - Rescue Bag 25 Metre
Torpedo Rescue Buoy Cabinet
SOLAS Drysuit - Woss SOLAS Approved Version
Secumar 22g CO2 Cylinder
Hessian Sand Bag 13 X 30 Inch Approx.
Fladen Flotation Suit Rescue System One Piece
Drysuit - Woss Breathable Version
Secumar 32g CO2 Re-Arm Kit Manual
Floating Lifeline 30 Metre Rope
Fladen Two Piece Flotation Suit Rescue System
Sandbag  Polypropylene 34 X 75cm Approx.  (Empty)
Secumar 32g CO2 Dock Re-Arm Kit Auto
Throw Line Housing Wall Mounted
Front Cover Only For 24 Inch Housing
Secumar 56g Manual CO2 Cylinder
Throw Line Housing Rail Mount
Lifebuoy Light Complete With Bracket
Toilet Flood Overflow Stopper
Secumar Window Alpha BS275 Lifejacket
Secumar Golf 150 Newton Lifejacket
Metal-Rubber Squeegee 18 Inch Blade
Secumar 60g CO2 Dock Re-Arm Kit Auto
Golf 275 AS 275 Newton CO2 Lifejacket
Chest Safety Wader Vital VW165 Thames
Golf 275 HV 275 Newton CO2 Lifejacket
Thigh Safety Wader Vital VW164 Avon
Aspli 33g CO2 Cylinder
Aspli 38g CO2 Cylinder
Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
No Entry Cone Mounted Sign
United Moulders MK5 Capsule Black
United Moulders Green Clip - Large
United Moulders Green Clip - Small
Blue Nitrile  Powder Free Disposable Glove
Mop Head

Mop Head

ex vat
Galvanised Mop Bucket
Lifejacket Crotch Strap
Danger Deep Water Sign Rigid Plastic
Danger Deep Water Sign On Rigid Plastic
No Swimming Sign
Quoit and Line 30m
Water Depth Gauge Board Reversed - Water Height Marker Sign
Danger Deep Water Sign - Aluminium composite
No Swimming - Danger Deep Water Sign
Stretch II Glove 2mm
Divers Gloves 3mm
Ultra 170 Auto Lifejacket by Secumar
Jump Pro Buoyancy Aid

Since 1978 Aspli have been specialists in water safety and public rescue equipment. We stock commercial and industrial lifejackets, throw lines, lifebuoy housings and dry suits. We also stock flood defence products, with depth marker boards and personal locator beacons.