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Browse our janitorial supplies and Washroom equipment. From bleach to paper towels, rags, wipes, bags and sacks, litter pickers and anything else you'd need for your cleaning duties.

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Men At Work Sign Folding 'A' Board Portable
Black Builders Bucket
Yellow Builders Bucket
Hand Shovel
Mop Head

Mop Head

ex vat
10 Litre Mop Bucket - Plastic
Washing Up Liquid
Window Cleaner 5L
PVC Apron Black
18 Inch Soft Coco Broom Head
18 Inch Stiff Bassine Broom Head
24 Inch Soft Coco Broom Head
24 Inch Stiff Bassine Broom Head
Soft Coco Hand Brush
Stiff Bassine Hand Brush
12 Inch Stiff Bassine & Cane Brush
Stiff Bassine Scrubbing Brush
Plastic Nail Brush
Galvanised Mop Bucket
36 Inch Stiff Bassine Broom Head
Caution Slippery Surface 'A' Board Sign
Builders Rubble Trug - Flexi Tub Heavy Duty
Dust Pan And Nylon Brush Set
Lemon Floor Cleaner Liquid 5 Litre
Glass and Mirror Cleaner 12 X 750ml
Thick Bleach 9%
Asbestos Disposal Sacks With Hazard Label Pk50
Pack of 10 Pocket Tissues
Chlorine Sanitising Tablets - Tub of 200
Caution Slippery Surface Cone
Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
12 Inch 4 Row Wire Brush
 Bleach 5 litre 5%
Litter Picker - Trigger Operated
 Green Pine Disinfectant
Sandbag  Polypropylene 34 X 75cm Approx.  (Empty)
Hexarmor Anti-Syringe Glove SharpsMaster 11 9014 Needlestick
Katrin Industrial Floor Dispenser
General Purpose Degreaser
Antiviral Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes
Envirowipe Plus Cleaning Cloths - Anti-Bacterial
Rags White Washed 10kg
Premium Microfibre Cloths - 10 Pack
PRO SuperMulticloths - Pack of 50
Rozalex Barrier Cream 'Dri-Guard'
Swarfega Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Caution Wet Floor Sign On Folding 'A' Board
Cleaning In Progress A Board Sign