Infection Control

Our extensive range of Infection control supplies covers hand hygiene products and surface sanitisers. We stock products that are anti-bacterial and virucidal designed to kill and protect against Ebola, MRSA, Coronavirus, Norovirus, Rotavirus, C Diff etc. and are ideal for pandemic protection or outbreaks.

Brands include Spirigel, Actichlor, Ecolab and Purell. We have an excellent and highly innovatiove range of Internal Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring devices and Air Sterilisation - Purification and Flitration units. For more info click here.

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Type 11R Disposable 3ply Face Mask - Pack of 50
Save 26%
DE 70% Alcohol InSpec Pouch Wipes - Pack of 50
500ml IPA 70% Alcohol InSpec Spray
AirGill Reusable Face Mask - ViralOff Technology
10ml Fluid - Gel Dosing Pump
Knapsack Disinfectant Sprayer
Face Mask Case - Keeper
Polythene Disposable Apron Box 600
Tyvek Disposable Apron - Pack of 25
Staff Virus Protection Screens
Save 41%
Cough & Sneeze Protective Screens - 3 sizes
Workstation Dividers - Staff Virus Partition
Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
Washable Knitted Antimicrobial Gloves
Protective Face Shield - Lavoro Visor
Save 46%
Protective Face Shield Visor
Protective Face Visor On Spec Frame
Splash Guard for Force 8 Halfmask
EVOGuard C2 Visor - Full Face
EVOGuard BrowGuard
Helmet Mounted Cough Guard
Morf Face Covering - Snood
Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Gloves
Social Distancing Floor Graphic
Use Hand Sanitiser Sign
Coronavirus Social Distancing - Floor Marking Strips
Exit Only Building Sign - Vinyl
Tyvek 500 Lab coat PL309 - Small
Travel Safe Virus Protection Kit
Nexa Dispenser Drip Tray Shield
Nexa Dispenser Lock And Key Set
Nexa Dispenser Key Set
Galvanised Cleaning Station
Touch Free Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Save 31%
Moldex Air 3200 FFP3 Nr D Face Mask
Tyvek Classic Xpert CHF5 Disposable Coverall
CS500 CoverStar Disposable Coverall
CC200 CoverChem Disposable Coverall Type 3/4
CP500 CoverChem Plus Disposable Coverall
Blue Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves - Pack 100
PVC Economy Blue Apron
Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer
Counter Top Infrared Thermometer
Wear Masks Sign Self Adhesive
Wear Masks Sign Rigid Plastic
Hand Protection Must Be Worn  Sign Rigid Plastic
Protective Garments Must Be Worn Sign Rigid Plastic
Now Wash Your Hands Sign Self Adhesive Vinyl
Now Wash Your Hands Sign On Rigid Plastic
Now Wash Your Hands Sign
2 Metres Apart Hi-Viz Vest
UltraSAFE Violet Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 50
Blue Nitrile Gloves Disposable - Pack of 100
Save 16%
Blue Nitrile Gloves Disposable - Pack of 100
Save 36%
Scrubb Moisturiser 1 litre
Floor Standing Infrared Thermometer
KT111+ Air Sterilisation Unit with HEPA & UV-C
Save 59%
KT11+ HEPA Air Cleansing Purification Unit with UV-C
Save 56%
KT111 Air Cleaning Sterilisation Unit with HEPA & UV-C
Save 33%
Covid-19 Test Kit - Acon Flowflex Lateral Flow Test
Save 21%
Queuemaster Retractable Barrier Post - Black
SafetyMaster Retractable Barrier Post - Yellow
Queuemaster Retractable Barrier Post - Stainless
SafetyMaster Retractable Barrier Post - Red