Infection Control

Infection Control and Prevention Supplies - Biosecurity - Hand Sanitizers
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Actichlor Plus Disinfectant Tablets
Nexa Dispenser Drip Tray Shield
Nexa Dispenser Lock And Key Set
Nexa Dispenser Key Set
Bio Sanitaire Body Spill Powder
Actichlor Spill Kit For Blood Spills
Bio Security Mat For HGV And Wagons
Seraman Sensitive Soap 500ml Pump Bottle
Tyvek Disposable White Over Boot - Pack 10
Tyvek Protech Disposable Apron
Tyvek Protective Surgeons Gown
PVC Economy Blue Apron
Pack of 10 Pocket Tissues
Use Hand Sanitiser Sign
Coronavirus - Visitor self-screening Safety Sign
Pro2 Oxygen Canister - 35 Litres
Virus Protection Screen - 3 sizes

Our extensive range of Infection control supplies covers hand hygiene products and surface sanitisers. We stock products that are anti-bacterial and virucidal, which are designed to kill and protect against Ebola, MRSA, Coronavirus, norovirus, rotavirus, C Diff etc. and are ideal for pandemic protection or outbreaks. Brands include Spirigel, Actichlor, Ecolab and Purell.