Grippaz Nitrile Disposable Fishscale Glove

13 Aug 2022

Grippaz Nitrile Disposable Fishscale Glove

Superior nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip. This glove is ideal for mechanics and engineers. Lasts up to 5x longer than standard Nitrile disposable gloves so could be classed as semi-disposable. The Grippaz® fish scale pattern not only provides superior grip but serves as a reinforcing lattice that vastly improves the glove’s tensile strength and creates a rip-stop effect, making Grippaz® amongst the most robust nitrile gloves on the market.

Grippaz® use a specially formulated nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against brake & clutch fluid, hydraulic & engine oil, grease, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and some solvents. Many of these liquids are carcinogenic, making exposure to them a hazardous risk.

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