2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher - By Gloria

CO2 fire extinguisher from Gloria of Germany at excellent price. Approved to BSEN3 and fully kitemarked.

Part Number: 019110

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               Gloria 2Kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher. 

  • Suitable: COExtinguishers are designed to cope with both electrical and flammable liquid hazards. Fitted with safety, swivel, Frost free Horn. attains a higher 'Fire rating' (34B). Horn is also double lined, guards against Hand injuries. Light Aluminium Body 4.91Kg
  • Dimensions: H490 x 117mm diameter         
  • CO2 is harmless to machinery
  • CO2 can safely be used on electrical equipment is ideal for modern offices.
  • Rated:  Class B risks including flammable liquids and especially safe and effective for extinguishing live electrical equipment Fires. Stored pressure extinguisher with test Valve. Capacity 2kg.
  • Ideal for modern offices, electronic risks, and fires caused by the combustion of liquids such as: oils, fats, solvents, While welding etc. Class B Petrol Oil, Paints, Fats and flammables
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 in Germany, the very best quality. 5 Year Warranty. 10 year actual life-span.
  • Complete with mounting bracket. 

Approvals: BSEN3: 1996 CE marked

Part Number: 019110


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