KT2 Pro HEPA Air Cleansing Purification Unit with UV-C

Air cleansing sterilisation unit with dual technology for rooms up to 150m2 gives 99.99% reduction of Coronavirus in under 30 minutes. Hepa14 filters out particles down to 0.1 microns the size range of Covid-19 and UVC ruptures and destroys the RNA/ DNA of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Part Number: 020302

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KT2 Pro Air Steriliser and Purification Unit gives 99.99% reduction of Coronavirus in under 30 minutes!

Commercial air sterilisers from So Pure Air help you fill your environment with fresh, clean air. Using medical grade dual technology - HEPA14 filter and germicidal irradiation (Ultraviolet UVC light), the units circulate and purify the air around you up to eight times every hour. By sterilising the air, our product kills up to 99.7% of bacteria and airborne viruses including Coronavirus as tested by the leading Biomedical Research Organisation, 'Airmid Health Group' in Dublin. 99.99% reduction of the virus in under 30 minutes. See test report under downloads tab.

  • Medical grade technology with a three-stage air filtration, purification and sterilization system traps and destroys airborne viruses as small as 0.1 microns cleaning the air.
  • Suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, social spaces, open plan and cellular offices etc with an area of up to 150m2 (based on ceiling height up to 2.8m)
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate* : 1200m3 per hour - Equivalent to 8 air changes (the recommended level) an hour in 150m2 room or 16 air changes an hour in a 75m2 room - that's an air change every 4 mins approx!!!
  • In built CO2 detection and display
  • Low noise, essential for a) comfort in work environment and b) to ensure workers don't have to raise their voices thus raising the potential to exhale more pathogens.
  • Twin Filtration system. High efficiency 18m2 HEPA 14 medical grade filter 99,9% efficiency at 0.3um combined with Activated Carbon Filter 
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation chamber with 2x 15W UV-C lamps ruptures and destroys Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) / Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.
  • Boost colleague, customer and visitor confidence by enhancing your infection control strategy and showing you take the welfare of staff and wellbeing of guests seriously
  • Improve the workplace environment and enhance employee wellbeing reducing days lost for sickness
  • Digital PM2.5 Particle per micron air quality display with intelligent sensors to automatically adjust fan speed
  • Control: Via panel, remote control or manage your machines at the touch of a button with our free TUYA app. The app allows you to remotely set on and off times, group machines etc. so you can set them running before a meeting etc. 
  • Includes a five-year guarantee.

* Please note our Clean Air Delivery rate CADR is calculated at the lowest fan speed as despite our unit being quiet this is the setting the unit is most likely to be used at when room occupied. Most competitors calculate their CADR at the highest fan setting which is unrealistic in a workplace setting.


  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 220-240v single phase Standard 13amp plug
  • DIMENSIONS W: 575mm H: 1325mm D: 325mm
  • WEIGHT 43.5kg

Part Number: 020302

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Air sterilisation maintenance FAQs

Maintaining your air steriliser
Our air sterilisation units are built to last, but maintaining your air steriliser is important. That’s why each machine comes with a five-year guarantee and free first year full maintenance service.

Can I change my own filters and UVC lamps?

The replacement of filters and UV-C lamps should be carried out by a professional. They understand health and safety regulations, and will undertake a risk assessment to make sure the work is carried out safely.

How often should I maintain my machine?

Air sterilization or purification units require annual maintenance. This includes changing filters and UV-C lamps.

How do I clean a HEPA filter?

We don’t recommend washing or vacuuming HEPA filters. Trying to DIY clean your HEPA filter will drastically reduce its performance. Instead, we recommend you liaise with our engineers to replace your HEPA filter at least annually.

How often should I change a HEPA filter?

We recommend all HEPA filters are replaced at least once a year. This could be more frequent, depending on the operating hours and level of pollutants.

How often should I change UV-C lamps?

The UV lamp used to disinfect your office air should be replaced at least once every year, or after 8,000 hours of use.

How often should I change carbon filters?

Activated carbon filters should be replaced annually for maximum effectiveness.

How can I tell if my filters or UV-C lamps need changing?

If you notice the effectiveness of your machine reducing, via the indicators, you may need to consider replacing your filters or UV-C lamps. Contact So Pure Air’s team of trained engineers for further advice.

Will replacing filters and UV-C lamps release contaminants?

Viruses are unlikely to survive very long on a HEPA-like surface. However, we always recommend handling HEPA filters and UV-C lamps with care. Our trained engineers are best placed to help maintain your machine.

How do I know what technology my machine uses?

So Pure Air machines are designed for commercial use. Our machines use medical grade filtration technology. HEPA filters, for example, are scientifically recognised to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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