White 'Rock' Salt 23.5kg approx. - 1/2 Pallet of 20 Bags

White De-Icing Rock Salt 23.5kg approx. - 1/2 Pallet of 20 Bags

Part Number: 027271

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White De-Icing Salt 23.5kg per bg approx. - 1/2 Pallet of 20 Bags

White salt is well suited to all de-icing being a virtually pure product. This marine salt is perfect for spreaders (unlike some table salts which can jam) and is very clean making it ideally suited to areas such as business car parks and shopping centres. It is a clean, screened granulateed salt.

White salt is a pure product the only additive is an anti-caking agent to stop the salt clumping together into large blocks. White salt is created by evaporating fresh sea water, which leaves behind the natural white salt. This is an ancient method of extracting white salt, with archaeology revealing saltworks over 8,000 years old in Romania and China.

  • Highest purity salt for de-icing snow and ice
  • Ideal for quick de-icing of car parks, pathways and steps, so no grit treads into your buildings etc.
  • Works quickly to leave areas free from ice with virtually no residue.
  • Anti-caking agent making it suitable for long term storage or immediate use.
  • Pallet weight 500 kg approx.

MAINLAND UK ONLY. HIghlands and Islands surcharges apply.

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery due to the pallet service.

BROWN ROCK SALT ALSO AVAILABLE. This is the salt commonly spread as 'road grit' by the Highways Agency, Councils etc.. PLEASE CALL 0113 2461550 

Part Number: 027271

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Please allow 2-3 working days delivery due to the pallet service.

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