Foam Edge Protector - Slotted Edging Strip Yellow-Black

Foam Edging Strip with slot - edge protector Yellow - Black.

Part Number: 027059

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Circular Foam Edging Strip - Corner protector Yellow - Black. 3M Adhesive

Health and Safety Regulations recommend that permanent obstructions or danger zones should be marked yellow and black.  

Specification: A three quarter round 1000mm x 40mm Foam edge protector - with slot making it ideal to fit on the edge of girders- RSJ's.. Fitted with a strong, 3M brand most adherent backing strip.
  • Weight 0.24 kg.
  • Highly visible - Prevents injury and protects property. 
  • Quick and easy to install. 
  • Made from flexible high density age resistant polyurethane foam
  • High quality moulded profile. 
  • Easily cut to length with sharp knife or fine saw blade.​

Applications: Machinery, racking, conveyers, vehicles, mobile trolleys, corners, columns, girders, low beams and roofs, production areas, hospitals, laboratories etc.

Part Number: 027059


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