Emergency Eye Wash Station

Eye wash station wall mounted complete with mirror, two 500ml Sterile Water Bottles and two Eyepads.

Part Number: 029082

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Emergency Eye Wash Station

The wall mounted station contains 1L of sterile normal saline (0.9% w/v) in sealed disposable bottles, in keeping with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive. Perform an eyewash in seconds by easily grabbing an eyewash bottle and using the simple twist-to-open cap. To make it even more practical, the station features a mirror and instructions on carrying out an eyewash, as well as two sterile eye pads for dressing.

Install this wall-mounted emergency eyewash station on your premises to provide more than adequate first aid support for eye injuries. Ideal for Kitchens, Labs, Warehouses, Factories, Waste, management facilities, Schools, GP surgeries etc.

The Sterowash solution is a 2-in-1 eye wash that can be used in a range of emergencies, from eye contamination to cleaning a cut before dressing it.

  • Highly visible eye wash wall plate
  • It holds two 500ml eyewash bottles securely, making them easy to grab.
  • The recesses for the two bottles are moulded precisely so that each bottle will stay in place on its own. It can be refilled with replacement eyewash bottles after each use.
  • It comes with simple instructions for treating minor eye injuries
  • The shatterproof mirror can be used for observation of the eye and enables an individual to use eyewash on their own if needed.
  • It contains two sterile eye pads for dressing after an injury, minimising the chance of further contamination.
  • The twist-off top makes Sterowash ready for use in seconds.
  • The station is made from strong, lightweight plastic with pre-drilled holes, ready for installing in a warehouse, factory, lab, or anywhere that eyewash may be needed.

 Refill Bottle Order No: 029011

Approvals: HSE/BSTA

Part Number: 029082

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