Swiss Air TH3 Powered Half Mask PAPR By Optrel

Swiss Air TH3 PAPR Powered Half Mask By Optrel

Part Number: 020500

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Swiss Air TH3 PAPR Powered Half Mask By Optrel

The Optrel swiss air blower respiratory protection system is a ventilated half-mask that completely covers the mouth and nose area and supplies it with purified air. A breathing space is created in the mouth and nose area which, thanks to positive pressure, supports the user in breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance.
Made of high-tech fabric, the half-mask is designed to provide excellent individual fit thanks to a fully adjustable
headband. This concept eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive face fit tests, which are a requirement with conventional half masks.


  • 3 Flow rates 100 - 130 l/min
  • Control panel on shoulder strap controls all the functions and indicates battery life and filter status.
  • 14 hour battery life at realistic output levels.
  • Flame retardant cover over the half mask making it suitable for welding
  • Ergonomically perfect weight distribution of the super-light filter system (only 550 g).
  • Stowage bag
  • USB Charger and lead


  • Guaranteed TH3 level protection for all employees.
  • Easy and safe to use as no fit tests are required. Ideal for users with facial hair.
  • Permanent protection of the respiratory tract and lungs against pollutants in the air. Airways are protected from irreparable damage.


  • Maximum freedom of movement.
  • Prevention of neck and back pain as the device only weighs 550g and weight is distrubuted by the harness
  • Compatible with head, ear and eye protection.


  • Increased user performance thanks to clean air.
  • Higher productivity due to elimination of forced breaks.
  • Positive pressure system for active respiratory support.
  • Optimum speech intelligibility with the mask in place.

Cost savings

  • Can be used in a variety of production areas.
  • Reduced running costs by saving on the purchase, distribution and disposal of disposable masks.
  • Reusable half-mask system.
  • Multi users. Operatives can purchase their own masks meaning more than one user can use the power unit say during shifts etc.

Areas of Use

Welding - Grinding - Automotive industry - Building industry - Chemical industry - Food Industry - General industry - Heavy metal industry - Industrial cleaning 

Approvals: EN 12941 Europe: TH3

Part Number: 020500


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