Spilkleen Plus Cellulose Absorbent Granules

Spilkleen Plus absorption Clay Cellulose mix 12.3kg in a 30l Volume Bag.

Part Number: 037001

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Spilkleen Plus absorbent Clay Cellulose mix granules.

  • Manufacture: Weight 12.3kg in a 30L Volume Bag. Absorbs upto 24 litres per Bag. Non Flammable cost effective. Highly absorbent Granule that is manufactured from 100% recycled Material. Environmentally accepted material which fulfills Government guidelines on Recycling. Although lightweight these Clay Granules do not blow away. Leaves Floor clean.
  • Usage:  Ideally suited to indoor use and specifically formulated for the absorption of oil, fuel and water based spillages.

Part Number: 037001

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