Chito-SAM 100 6' Z-Fold

Chito-Sam Z-fold dressing which control bleeding in minutes.

Part Number: 029091

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Chito-SAM 100 6' Z-Fold - 7.5 x 183cm

Chito-SAM 100 dressings control bleeding in minutes. The superior performance hemostatic dressing is made of non-woven 100% chitosan. It is designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. Chito works independently to the bodies normal clotting process. The tear anywhere packaging allows for easy access and application of the dressing. The dressing is easily removed with water or saline solution. Each dressing comes individually wrapped and sterile.

  • Controls bleeding in minutes
  • Z fold for easy stuffing of deep wounds.
  • Hemostatic dressing made of non-woven 100% pure chitosan
  • Designed to stop lethal bleeding fast
  • Works independently to the body's normal clotting process
  • Tear anywhere packaging
  • Sterile dressings individually wrapped

Part Number: 029091

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