Toilet Flood Overflow Stopper Kit

Toilet Flood Stopper. Stops overflowing toilets during floods and when main sewers are being flushed etc.

Part Number: 001006

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FloodKit® Toilet Flood Stopper

The Floodkit toilet stopper - U bend blocker is a patented product that will block any width or shape of toilet pan against sewage back flow either during a flood, or if work is being carried out on external pipes that are being jetted to remove blockages in the main sewer.

  • Protects against floodwater in excess of 3ft in height.
  • Comes complete with two U bend bags
  • Disposable gloves
* Tested by BSI and passed all their tests however these products are currently not covered by the Standard so can therefore not issue a certificate.
  • Please see downloads for instructions.
Replacement U bend bags are available. (see 001007).

Approvals: Complies BSI *

Part Number: 001006


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