Danger Overhead Cables Marker Post For Verges Etc.

Overhead Cable Marker Post. Alerts to the danger of overhead cables and power lines.

Part Number: 027079

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Overhead Cable Marker Post - Verge warning sign
Overhead cable marker post for alerting to the dangers of overhead power lines etc. This flexible marker  - verge post is designed to be sunken into the ground. It is highly flexible and designed to springback if hit by machinery etc.
Ideal for use on verges alongside roads with power lines running parallel to them or on Farms, Solar farms etc.
  • Highly flexible so rebounds after impact
  • Overall Height 130cm
  • Height above ground when installed 1m
  • Barb on rear to hold firm in ground
  • Hole to allow insertion of additional anchor.
  • Width 14.5cm
  • Weight 700g approx.
  • Large reflective sign area  
 Call for custom versions.

Part Number: 027079


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