Moldex A1P2 R Easylock Gas And Particulate Filter 9120

Moldex A1P2 R EasyLock Gas and Particulate pre-assembled Filter.

Part Number: 020026

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Moldex A1P2 R EasyLock pre-assembled A1 Gas and P2 Particulate Filter 9120.

  • P2 filter Protects against harmful and carcinogenic dusts, fumes and aerosols based on water and oil.
  • A1 filter protects against Organic gases and vapours with boiling point > 65°C - 1000ppm
  • Suitable for Series 7000 and 9000 masks
  • Revolutionary filter system that requires no additional clips or holders.
  • Particulate filters can either be connected onto the gas cartridges or directly with the mask body so adaptors and particular pre-filters are not necessary
  • Simpler Logistics - 30% less parts
  • Particulate filters with pleated Filter Technology: significantly reduces breathing resistance, improves wearer comfort & reduces fatigue
  • Particulate filters tested and certified to EN 143:2000+A1:2006
  • Gas filters and pre-assembled filters tested and certified to EN 14387:2004+A1:2008

Approvals: EN140-1-3

Part Number: 020026


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