Maintenance Absorbent Socks For Spillage Containment

Fosse Absorbent Socks 20 packed in Box of 20. Maintenance absorbent socks each sock is approx. 8cm x 1.2m in size and the pack will absorb approx. 100 litres.

Part Number: 037036

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Fosse Maintenance Socks  packed in Box of 20.

  • Description: Absorbent socks can be used as a preventative measure to against the spread of spillages from leaky machinery or in emergency situations where they can be quickly deployed to contain and absorb spills. Maintenance Socks  are constructed with a stitched spun bonded outer for improved durability and liquid retention properties,providing cost effective method for containing spills such as Paints, Solvents, coolants, mild Chemicals and water based liquids in the workplace. Carton contains 20 Socks, Class leading absorbency rate, each Sock absorbs 5litres, is approx 75mm x 1200mm in size and the pack will therefore absorb approx 100 litres.
  • Ideal: Flexible knitted Fabric expands quickly to increase the rate of absorbtion. Ideal for demanding environments where fast recovery of Oil and and water based spills is essential.  
  • Application: Absorbent socks can be used to contain and absorb Oil spills around the workplace. Whilst being fast absorbing the socks are also strong and will retain their strength even when fully saturated. Can be usd to encircle Spills.
  • Approx pack weight 10kg

Part Number: 037036

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