Spilkleen Maintenance Spill Kit 15 Litre

Carry Bag Maintenance spill Kit, optimum absorption 20 litres. Designed to contain non-aggressive fluids both Oil and Water base.

Part Number: 037021

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Spilkleen Maintenance 15 Litre Spillage Kit.

  • Contents:  The kit consists of cost effective Spilkleen absorbents manufactured from high quality melt blown polypropylene, ideal for all workplace spills and leaks. Has 2 x Spilkleen Spunbond Absorbent Socks, 8 x Spilkleen Absorbent Pads, disposal Bag and Ties, includes instructions. Absorbent capacity 15 Litres. Dimensions (mm): 615 (l) x 715 (w) x 100 (h)Weight 2kg
  • Usage: Kit is small enough to be carried in vehicles and on fork lift trucks, features super absorbent socks and maintenance pads. Absorbent socks  prevent the spread of spilled non aggressive and non- hazardous liquids. Use the sock to create a containing barrier, ideal for machine and Drum bases. The pads are an excellent absorbent for soaking up pooled liquid. Portable spill kit is easy to deploy, use and store, use on small spills of non-aggressive oil and water based liquids. suitable for factories and warehouses 

Approvals: BS 7959 and ISO 9001:2008

Part Number: 037021

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