Ladder Inspection Record Pad - Booklet

Ladder Inspection Status Record pad

Size: 210x100x5mm 25 Sheets + Carbon copies

Part Number: 038605

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Ladder inspection record pad - booklet.

  Ensures compliance with PUWER, INDG402, WAHR & HSE regulations and best practice. Quick, easy to use check list ensures key safety checks are carried out prior to use. Each pad provides 25 individual pre-use inspection checklists, automatically producing a carbon copy which is retained in the book as part of the audit trail. The operator simply completes the comprehensive check list, signs and dates it. Once inserted into the pod it provides a clear visual statement of the ladder status. If the ladder is safe for use, a "Good to Go" tag is clearly visible for all to see. Likewise if a fault is found a "Do Not Use" tag indicates the ladder is in quarantine. A tamper evident seal ensures that these displays are accurate and up-to-date. For use with Ladder pod 038600

Size: 210x100x5mm 25 Sheets + Carbon copies

Part Number: 038605

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