Fladen Flotation Suit Rescue System One Piece

Fladen One piece flotation suit Black and yellow. Free delivery

Part Number: 000669

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Fladen One piece Flotation Suit - Coverall.

Lightweight and comfortable. In ISO 15027-1 tests at 5 degrees C water temperature body heat loss was only 1.2 degrees after 1 hour when wearing the Fladen one piece suit. One of the few suits in the UK meeting ISO15027-1. Which basically means it is approved and tested as an Immersion Suit protecting the wearer from the cold water, as well as keeping them afloat.

  • New updated and improved model
  • SOLAS/USCG Approved Reflective Tape (400cm/sq)
  • Top quality PVC Flotation material. Double stitched water tight seams. Total weight 2.2 kg. Has a buoyancy of 85 newtons exceeding the ISO 12402-6 requirement by a considerable margin. 
  • Reinforced knees
  • Two bellows leg pockets, Two zipped chest pockets and one arm pocket.
  • Seals prevent water entry at Legs/Sleeves/Thighs which reduces water flushing through the suit increasing thermal protection.
  • CE 394 whistle
  • Insulated hood and collar for thermal protection
  • Adjustable neoprene cuffs in sleeves
  • Fluorescent fabric for visibilty
  • Incredible comfort and mobility
  • Durable 300 Denier Polyester Fabric. 

Approvals: ISO 12402-6 - ISO-15027-1 CLASS D

Part Number: 000669

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