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200ml 80% Alcohol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 24

Portable and convenient hand sanitiser. WHO recommended formula.

Part Number: 023182

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200ml 80% Ethanol Hand Rub Spray Bottle - Pack of 24

Spray bottle for ease of application. World Health Organisation tested formulation which has passed the EN1500 test making it ideal for virus outbreaks and pandemics.

The 80% ethanol concentration gives this hand rub a very high virucidal efficacy. Effective against the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

  • 80% Ethanol (v/v)
  • Glycerol 1.45% (v/v)
  • Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v)

Glycerin helps to prevent skin dryness by retaining moisture and Hydrogen peroxide is added in a small concentration to protect the formulation from containing spores.

Approvals: WHO-recommended Hand Rub Formulation

Part Number: 023182

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