Temporary Rumble Strip - RoadQuake

Road Quake Rumble Strip - Temporary Speed Restrictor Ramp

Part Number: 027240

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Road Quake Temporary Rumble Strip

The most advanced temporary traffic calming system currently available. RoadQuake is a highly visible system that has been designed for temporary speed control applications, where it is desired to slow traffic speeds by more than 20% therefore creating a safer work environment for road workers.

Rigorously tested by both Transport for London (TFL) for both wet and dry conditions and approved by Transport Scotland. A traffic management crew of two can deploy or remove the RoadQuake rumble strip in minutes.

  • 20mm high they are car, cycle and motorcycle friendly.
  • Ideal for use with temporary traffic lights. Can be spaced to reduce speed in advance of lights and 150 yards from lights. Alternatively to reduce speeds past a work zone.


Each strip generates equal, or higher, levels of sound and vibration as permanent milled/ glued down strips.

  • 3.3 meters long x 300mm wide x 20mm high. Each rumble strip covers an entire lane.
  • Weight 50kg
  • Hi visibility yellow pigment safety colouring
  • ‘Waffle-style’ rubber underlay, which maximises adhesion to the road surface as vehicles traverse. No glue or fixings required.
  • 5 year product life under normal conditions. 
  • Easy to lift, manoeuvre and carry.
  • Perfect where work zones alter - move daily.
  • Hinged in middle and stores flat, ideal when space is limited.


  • RoadQuake alerts drivers to road works, lane closures, new road layouts, temporary traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, narrowing roads, accidents, traffic checkpoints and maintenance, along with a wide range of further applications.

Approvals: Transport Scotland - TFL

Part Number: 027240


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