Moldex Metric Mask 8172 A1P2 Half Mask

Moldex Metric A1P2 Half Mask. 8000

Part Number: 020008

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Moldex Metric A1P2 Half Mask.

  • Description: Your Face has never felt so comfortable in a Half- Mask before. The A1 Gas Filter protects against Organic Gases & Vapours when working with solvents & Adhesives. P2RD Particulate Filter protects against Toxic Dust. Mists & Fumes based on Water & Oil. Simple snap in Cartridge replacement.The 8172 comes pre-assembled with A1 cartridges and P2 filters. There are no gaskets and no yoke. So there are fewer parts to inventory. In short, the 8000 series hits a new high in comfort and a new low in maintenance.
  • Comfort: The Moldex® 8000 Series Respirator conforms to the contours of your face, seals comfortably and stays sealed, even while talking. Its extra-wide seal is designed to fit more facial types, and its low profile provides one of the largest field of vision.
  • New Filters: Replacement cartridges, filters and disks simply snap in. No chance of mis-threading. It couldn't be easier or more convenient.
  • Applications: A Variety Of Applications. A Multitude Of Advantages.


Approvals: EN140-1-3

Part Number: 020008


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