A combined AIS MOB/DSC maritime survivor locating device (MSLD).

Part Number: 000050

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easyONE AIS MOB DSC  Beacon

This is a combined AIS MOB/ DSC maritime survivor locating device (MSLD). Incase of a 'man over board' situation, the life jacket inflates and releases the easyONE, which is placed between the folded bladder. When fully submerged, the unit is automatically activated and the antenna is deployed. This AIS MOB is attached to the victim‘s life jacket by a cord and floats on the water by the victim. To aid recovery a strong LED flash light ensures better visibility at night.

Once activated, the easyONE starts transmitting a full AIS MOB emergency message. It contains the individual unit ID, current GPS position, as well as COG and SOG of the victim. As the unit ID starts with “972…“, each AIS receiver within range up to 7 to 8 nautical miles (bad weather conditions and height of receiving antenna may reduce the range) receives this emergency message. The connected chart plotter or PC screen displays the official MOB symbol (red X with red circle).

Two LEDs indicate functionality of the unit. This simplifies the use in distress. If the easyONE is triggered, the battery capacity lasts for more than 36 hours of permanent transmission peroid. Due to this fact and its palm size, the AIS MOB easyONE is the perfect companion.


  • Full AIS MOB emergency transmission (972…)
  • Each AIS receiver within range receives victim‘s current GPS position, COG and SOG
  • Automatic activation when submerged
  • More than 1 Watt radiated power
  • More than 36 hours battery capacity after activation
  • Strong LED flash light for better visibility in the darkness
  • Palm-sized unit
  • 100% floatable without buoyancy support
  • No registration
  • No license required
  • Simple to fit. Can be used with every automatic life jacket

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Approvals: CE: 0700

Part Number: 000050

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