Skinman Foam 750ml Sanitizer Box 6

Skinman Foam 750ml Fully Virucidal & Bactericidal Sanitizer

Part Number: 023154

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Skinman® Foam Gentle and Effective Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Skinman Foam has been developed to be kind to users’ hands but highly effective against the pathogens that cause HCAIs.
Its unique formulation of effective ingredients provides excellent protection, is non-sticky and easy to apply.With highly effective active ingredients,

  • Skinman Foam is fully virucidal 
  • Excellent microbiocidal efficacy according to the latest EN test standards.
  • In user trials† Skinman Foam consistently outperformed a leading
    foam product across a range of acceptability and tolerability criteria
  • Hydrates and Moisturisers
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Fits the Nexa Manual or Touchless dispenser

† Trials conducted with 61 participants at a UK hospital, using a Likert scaling
system to rate skin tolerability and acceptability.

Approvals: EN 1500 /EN 12791/EN 14476/EN 13727/ EN 13624 / EN 14348

Part Number: 023154


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