Personnel Bio Security - Disinfectant Mats By Fosse 1m x 2.5m

Personnel Bio security Disinfectant Mats. Help prevent spread of disease like Foot and Mouth, bird flu

Part Number: 037067

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Personnel Bio-Disinfectant Security Mats.

  • Description: Hard wearing, disinfectant retaining matting system designed to to sanitize Foot traffic. Developed and proven in hard use during the Foot and Mouth outbreak at animal feeds factories, food processing companies, leisure parks, National Trust properties and farms throughout the UK. Attach to to Concrete surface, means no need to sink Mat, or dig a Pit. Easy to clean off. This product features Superabsorbent matting encased in an easy to clean PVC coated polyester envelope. Helps to reduce bacterial counts. Cost efficient means of decontaminating staff and visitors.
  • Details: Dimensions 1m x 2.5m. Absorbency rate, holds 50 litres of Disinfectant.
  • Application:   For use at auction markets, intensive livestock farms and food manufacturing and distribution plants

Part Number: 037067

Fosse Liquitrol

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