Dsend 600 Plus Evacuation And Rescue Device 50m

Dsend 600+ Evacuation and rescue device 50m. Designed for evacuation and rescue from height. Ideal for wind turbines.

Part Number: 032090

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DSEND Evacuation and Rescue device. 

The DSend600™ + is JSP´s new automatic evacuation descent device. In the event of an accident the DSend600™ + can also be used for safe rescue and lowering of personnel making it ideal for use in wind farm towers etc. Patented Direct Drive technology. A centrifugal brake transfers its torque directly to the rope without any intermediate gears. Robust design is developed for the wind power industry.

Using it´s direct drive mechanism the DSend600+ is capable of handling weights up to 282Kg. This is roughly the weight of 3-4 people. The ability for this product to handle a number of people at a time allows for a quicker evacuation or rescue.

RESCUE: The DSend 600+™ has a built in winch - hoist mode allowing for an initial lift and manoeuvre of the casualty before lowering them safely down.

The DSend600+™ is also available as standard in other pre-assembled lengths (20, 30, 75, 85, 100, 120m)  but is available in custom lengths up to a max of 600m upon request. Please call. 

  • 50m line
  • Plastic container with soft stowage bag
  • Vacuum packed for 10 year service inspection interval 
  • Manual hold
  • Self cooling
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Device weight 3,7 kg (8,2 lbs)
  • Rope diameter 10,5 mm Rope weight 0,114 kg/m (0,08 lbs/feet)
  • Minimum braking strength, rope termination 28 kN
  • Destruction strength of device 75 kN 

Approvals: EN 341-2011 class A, ANSI Z359.4-2013 & CSA-Z259.2

Part Number: 032090


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