Bio Sanitaire Body Spill Clean Up Kit Pack Of 6

Bio Sanitaire Body spill clean up Kit pack of 6

Part Number: 023073

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Bio Sanitaire Body spill clean up Kit pack of 6
  • Description: Pack of 6 (six) Sanitaire Emergency body spill kits. This kit includes the market leading clean up absorbent Powder Sanitaire and Sta-kil a powerful deodoriser with bactericide. It has been specially formulated for use in all emergency situations where Body spills occur. 
  • Contents: 240g Sanitaire absorbent in shaker bottle, 500ml 'Sta-Kill', biocidal cleaner and deodoriser, Plastic Scoop, nitrile gloves and disposable plastic Bag.
  • Formulation: Sanitaire Powder absorbs up to 200 times its own volume weight and is effective against gram positive and gram negative Bacteria. Including Vomit, Urine, Blood and Faeces. Sta-Kill biocidal cleaner and deodoriser containing urine stain neutralising agents.
  • Approvals: Conforms to EN1276 (bacteria) EN 13727
  • Application: Sanitaire is ideal for use in Hospital, Care homes, Clinics, Institutions, Doctors and Vetinary surgeries, Police stations, Schools, Hotels, restaurants, aslo in Taxis, Coaches, Ships and Aircraft.
  • Sanitaire offers the best solution to the most unpleasant Tasks - Safely.

Approvals: Conforms to EN1276/ EN 13727

Part Number: 023073

Bio Productions

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