Bio Sanitaire Body Spill Powder Pack of 10

Bio Sanitaire Body spill absorb Powder

Part Number: 023068

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Bio Sanitaire Body spill absorbent Powder
  • Description: Pack of 10 (ten) Sanitaire emergency clean up Powder. This absorbent powder is the market leading clean up Powder, with its subtle floral fragrance and Germicidal action. It has been specially formulated for use in all emergency situations where Body spills occur.
  • Formulation: Sanitaire absorbs up to 200 times its own volume weight and is effective against gram positive and gram negative Bacteria. Including Vomit, Urine, Blood and Faeces.
  • Approvals: Conforms to EN1276/ EN13697.
  • Application: Sanitaire is ideal for use in Hospital, Care homes, Clinics, Prisons, Institutions, Doctors and Vetinary surgeries, Police stations, Schools, Hotels, restaurants, aslo in Taxis, Coaches, Ships and Aircraft.
  • Sanitaire offers the best solution to the most unpleasant tasks Safely.

Part Number: 023068

Bio Productions

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