Bio P30 Urinal Cap Insert - Eco Water Saver

BIO-P Easy fit universal Urinal cap Water Saver - Pack of 12

Part Number: 023066

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BIO-P30 easy fit pack of 12 universal fit Urinal Water Saver
Once fitted you can turn the frequency of flushes down to around 3 per day saving on average £150 per annum per urinal and saving thousands of litres of water making them Eco friendly.The Bio-P fits almost every type of urinal.
  • Description: Bio-P conveniently fits into any Urinal waste, even those that have been adapted to accept retro-fitting systems, which have been removed leaving a Hole. requires no special Tools to fit.
  • Duration: Blue Bio blocks last for approx 30 days.  
  • Formulation: The Bio-P contains our well proven Biological block, which cleans and deodorises the Urinal trap while preventing the build up of scale and solids thus reducing blockages. OdourBiodegradable
  • Application: Use in conjunction with 'Blu-Away to maintain an odour free washroom environment.
  • Users: Particular suited for use in Schools, Restaurants, Bars, Councils Ideal in health care establishments etc. 
  • Very popular. Saves water provides at least a months trouble free operation.

Part Number: 023066

Bio Productions

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