Jackbox Flood Barrier 30 Foot Length From Hesco

The new Hesco JackBox purpose built for fighting floods is the next generation of defensive barriers.

Part Number: 001021

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 JackBox™ Flood Barrier From Hesco

Jackbox Flood Barrier is quick and easy to deploy protecting property and infrastructure against flood and storm events. Holds back up to three feet of flood water and leaves minimum mess behind. Utilizing Hesco's Concertainer technology it brings military and environmental expertise to deliver a lightweight, recyclable, rapidly deployable flood barrier. Simply pull out and fill.

  • Multi-cellular barrier with heavy-duty, woven polypropylene cells, fitted with an impermeable polypropylene coated continuous front face and lid. 
  • Units can be filled with earth, sand, gravel, crushed rock and other granular materials.
  • Patented Self-supporting hinges - allow the units to stand without the need of metallic frames, ready for the fill material to be added.
  • Lid folds over filled cells to prevent wash-out during over-topping
  • Permeable fabric at rear - allows for liquid to drain out of the cells.
  • Strong integrated base and 4 lifting loops on each cell allows cells to be lifted away individually once the flood waters have passed. 
  • Can be cleared away using Manual Handling Equipment in under 40 minutes!
  • Quick and easy to transport to flood risk! Can be carried and deployed quickly by two people! Install 20 feet of barrier in under 20 minutes! 
  • Simple to store.
  • Tested to the limit - JACKBOX units have successfully undergone full protocol testing at the US corps of Engineers Research and Development Center.
  • Size - H: 39" W: 39" L: 30 feet - 9m approx


Part Number: 001021

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