Flood Foam Sealant - Water Ingress Protection

Flood foam use for flood prevention to prevent ingress of floodwater.

Part Number: 001010

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Floodfoam Expanding Foam Sealant
FloodFoam® is Soft Spongy closed cell expanding foam that creates a water barrier that springs back – recovers when compressed making it ideal for sealing purposes. It also has acoustic properties to 60db
Supplied in the Genius Gun Can it is a one-component, self-expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam without the need for separate applicators. The product has minimal expansion after application (less than 50%) and is therefore very economical to use.
  • FloodKit® FloodFoam® is much more elastic than standard PU-foam: and has a very high Acoustic Rating value.
  • Elastic Recovery (ISO 1856) is up to 90% if the foam is compressed by 75%.
Note: Traditional PU-foam does not recover if compression is higher than 10%.
  • Elongation at break is 3 x that of traditional foam. The maximum elongation before breaking (DIN 18540) is about 45% compared to 15% for traditional PU-foam.
  • FloodFoam® follows the movements of the joint and retains its insulating properties over the years, especially in smaller joints (e.g. 2 to 3cm wide). 
  • Due to the flexibility and elasticity properties FloodFoam® maintains its characteristics much better over time.
  • Inbuilt gun comes complete with cap to seal nozzle so can be used for up to 3 weeks after first use. 

Part Number: 001010

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