Insulated Road Pin - Non Conductive Marker Pin

Insulated Non-conductive Fibreglass Road Marker Line Pins.

Part Number: 024042

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Insulated Non-Conductive Fibreglass Road Marker Pins. 

  • Features: 100% insulated between Steel point and re-inforced hammering, striking point for maximum safety and usage in difficult ground conditions. Shaft constructed of 16mm Fibreglass for strength. O.A.L. 1 metre for safe hammering. Shorter pins risk arking. 
  • The only alternative to steel pins. Has no scrap value.
  • Application: Marker Pins are  used for many purposes, Ideal for when marking out construction sites new roads etc., 
  • Safety: Traditionally marker pins were manufactured from Steel, posing a very high risk to the user in the event of striking underground Cables. This risk is eliminated when using 'Tricel' non-conductive marker Pins.
  • Users: A must for Contractors, Councils, Civil and engineering contractors.  

Part Number: 024042


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